Thursday 10 May 2012


I love surprises!
Good Surprises that is! I love the look on peoples faces, the excitement of waiting to see how they will react (even if you feel like your going to pee your pants! LOL) and just the feeling of doing something for someone because they so deserved it!

So the last three or four weeks has been pretty crazy! And I have been working on a lot of different projects and feeling like I have not had a chance to just sit and relax and just breath! But it all has been worth the craziness! 
One of the projects I have been working on and can know share with you, is planning a surprise "Saying Goodbye/Bridal Shower" for my oh so lovely and sweet co-worker, Ivana!  
I have known Ivana for a few years now but it has been only in the last year or so that we have really gotten to know each other and become great friends! When she gave her notice letting us know that she would be leaving us at the store, we were greatly saddened and Lori and I knew we would have to do something to let her know how much we were going to miss her and also to let her know that she would always have a place with us wonderful and crazy scrappy people!
With Ivana planning her wedding we knew that this party could not just be about saying goodbye to her but to also wish her all the best for her future!

So, being kind of a control freak, I took over the planning and organizing and last night when Ivana walked into the store to see all us crazy, scrappy ladies there for her, it was all worth the extra "To Do" lists!
 I want to thank Lori for letting me take over and plan! I want to thank Mark (the husband to be) for getting Ivana to the store without her realizing what was happening! I want to thank Lynn, Paulette, Bev and Lori for helping me supply food and drinks! I want to thank Theresa for helping with the decor and planning games! (I still feel bad we didn't use the flowers! :D) I want to thank EVERYONE for coming and helping me show Ivana how much we love her (Sorry for the mix up on the layout size!)
But most of all I want to thank Ivana for being such a great sport and putting up with the bubble gum!! LOL
Below are a few pics of the evening! Sorry Ivana,  the bubble gum one was destined to be shared!! LOL!! Also at the end is the yummy cheese dip recipe!

Ivana a little overwelmed by it all! Surprise!!! LOL

What a lovely Croatian Princess! Ivana and Mark are planning a beautiful destination wedding in Ivana's home land of Croatia!

The "husband-to-be" having a chat (or maybe getting lectured?? LOL!) with lovely Lana! 

Our youngest scrapbook groupy!!!

Paulette, your cookies were super yummy!!! I had one for breakfast this morn! (Don't tell my kids! LOL!)

I made these pretty center pieces using white acrylic paint on pasta and pickle jars! I then just wrapped them with a length of thick hemp cord, attached a large, blingy bead with some embroidery floss and adhered white lace to the top! They were super easy and fast to make. I put candles on the inside but you could also use other things such as flowers.

 The most delicious cupcakes in the world are made by a lady here in Saskatoon, Sasha Libby! Thanks Jen for getting these ordered for me! They were gorgeous and oh sooooooo yummy!

I had emailed Mark some "Mark & Ivana" trivia questions. I think I put him under a bit of pressure because I sent them to him in the early afternoon the day of the party, while he was at work!  (Ivana's favorite scrapbook company is Creative Memories?!?!?!? Really Mark?!!?! LOL) I then asked the same questions that evening to Ivana and she had to try to tell me how Mark had answered them. For every question that she got wrong, she had to plop a piece of bubblegum into her mouth! Hmmmm... I think you need a few more pieces there Ivana!!! LOL!

Some of us had all chipped in to give Ivana a gift card and this was the card I had created! I am hoping Ivana will let me take some better pics of it and I will then post them.

Some of you had wanted the recipe for the cheese dip I had brought last night so here that is! I got the recipe card while sampling at Costco! Enjoy!

~Last Minute Miracle Dip~
1. Combine in a pie plate or oven-proof serving dish, 1 pkg (250g) softened Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 1 1/2 cups shredded chedder cheese,  and 1/3 cup Miracle Whip. Add in desired amount of extras such as bacon bit, green onion, artichoke, roasted peppers or anything else you might like to add.

2. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes, stirring once during baking, Garnish with toasted nuts if desired. 
3.Serve warm with fave crackers, chips and/or veggies. My fave thing to use is the Whole Grain Tostitos or Wheat Thin crackers.

Thanks again everyone for coming out last night!!! And thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

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  1. Cayla, Cayla, Cayla...What can I say...From the moment I walked through that door I couldn't believe my eyes! I can't understand how I didn't suspect a thing!!! Normally, I get this 'duckish' 6th sense about surprises, and the fact that I was COMPLETELY surprised & shocked, shocked and surprised me even more!!! (Does that even make sense?)

    I am so grateful for all of the hard work and organizing you pulled off and for making my surprise party one of the best nights of my life! Seriously, I am still pinching myself.

    (Oh no..My eyes are tearing up again...That's my cue to wrap it up!)

    Thank you to all the girls who showed up (in person and in spirit), and for the incredible joint planning - I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to know you all and I love all of you girls so very much!! I will miss you more than you know :(


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