Thursday 14 June 2012


I love a good rainy day every once and awhile! You know, to make everything fresh and green. I love the smell of rain and the sound of it falling. There is just something so very relaxing about it. It also gives me a real good excuse to do some scrappin! 
But this never ending rain that has been going on for days now, is just getting plain depressing!! And then add on the fact that I have been miserable with this cold/flu/allergy thing I got going on!! Needless to say, it's time for some sunshine already!! Besides, my jungle needs to be mowed!! I am scared that by the time I get the lawn cut, I will have lost one of my children in it!! LOL
I guess this is payback for the fabulous short, warm winter we had! (I would gladly take the rain over the never ending snow and 40 below temps anyday!)

Well enough whining about the weather. On to some much better things such as scrappin!! 

So I think previously I had posted about a surprise party that I had helped put together for my awesome friend Ivana, and I may have mentioned that I had made her a fabulous little card and forgot to take any decent pictures of it so that I could show it off! Oops! Well Ivana, being the amazing friend that she is, took some pictures of it for me, did some incredible editing work using photoshop (which I have yet to master!) and sent them to me! YYYAAYY!

For those of you who don't know Ivana, she is an incredibly special and talented gal! I am so grateful to have her in my life as one of my besties! You can click here to check out her blog!

I loved making this card!! 
I have to say I was quite proud of myself and how well it turned out! 
I used a variety of different "leftovers" from my stash. I started by making a card base from a 5x7 piece of chipboard and covering one side of it (which would end up being the inside of the card) with a pattern paper (I believe it was a Pink Paislee PP). I then created the wrap around piece using a clear transparency. I traced a scalloped edge on both sides that folded in and then smudged a layer of watered-down white paint to give it a more faded, vintage, shabby chic look.

I fussy cut a bunch of paper embellishments for the front and layered them on. And by having the paint smudged on, the adhesive I used for the paper embellishments really didn't show through the other side. I then just used a white sheer ribbon to hold the card closed.

After having wrapped the ribbon around, I then adhered another piece of the pattern paper to the back. This covered the ribbon to hold it in place and it also hid any adhesive I had used to adhere the inside chipboard piece to the transparency. I then folded a white paper doily over the top so that half was adhered to the front and the other half to the back. 
Because I didn't leave alot of space on the inside of the card for everyone to write there sentiments and best wishes (there were quite a few of us that went in together to purchase Ivana a gift card), I came up with the idea that everyone would get a small little journaling card to write there sentiments on. I then attached a cute clothespin to the back and clipped the journaling cards to it.

For the inside of the card, I colored and then adhered chipboard letters onto the doily to spell Ivana's name. Canvas Corp has these fantastically cute, little mini paper bags that I decorated, with more little fussy cut paper embellishments and adhered to the inside of the card to place the gift card I had purchased.

Well I am off now to try and create a man card for my husband for Father's day this weekend! Enjoy the rest of your week!!

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  1. This needs to be exclaimed about.... what a beautiful card! Someday... I may have the time..??? However, to come by the talent will be tricky. Again, wonderful idea. mk


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