Tuesday 7 February 2012


Good Afternoon!!! 
For the past week my household has been a bit out of wack due to my 15 year old niece coming to stay. It gave me a small taste of what the next couple of years will be like as my daughter will soon be a teenager!! Trying to squeeze bathroom time in to have a quick shower or trying to find my missing blow dryer!! Make-up and boys!! Yikes!!
But now everything is back to normal (our normal anyways!!), much to my husbands relief! He was getting a little overwhelmed with all the estrogen! And I found some time this week to get my craft on!

While shopping yesterday at the local Micheals store for a certain craft item my kids needed for school, I of course wondered through the whole store (because of course you have to do that!!)) and I happened to find these awesome Wilton Fondant and Gum Paste Molds!! Now anyone who knows me well can tell you that the kitchen is not my favorite place to be, unless it is sitting at the table crafting! But my mind started churning with ideas of what I could use these molds for and I thought about a baggy of FIMO I had stashed in a drawer. So I quickly searched my emails on my phone looking for my 40% off Micheals coupon and purchased the beautifully detailed Baroque mold.

When I got home I busily started making some beautiful pieces! The FIMO that I have is white so I will be able to use different color mediums (you will have to watch which color mediums you use because not all will stick to the FIMO!!) to customize these detailed embellishments!!

I'm going to leave you with this pic but I will post some more when I get some projects completed using these fun new embellishments!!

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