Sunday 9 March 2014

Another Successful Event!

So due to the fact that I am moving to Calgary in July, I realized that my annual Burn Fund crop was just not going to happen this year! Boooooooo! But what was I supposed to do with all the goodies I had been collecting for the crop?

I decided to host an online auction this past Friday & Saturday and it was a HUGE success! With a couple days prep, I had everything photographed and ready to upload! Because I had already started an event on Facebook, I decided that that would be the best place to hold my auction. So by 4pm on Friday, I had uploaded photos of 30+ prizes and the bidding wars began!

I must say I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this little online auction, so I set my expectations at around $500. Well I should have known that my scrappy pals would blow right past that dollar mark! It is always so inspiring to see the generosity in others! Makes me so proud to be a part of such a caring community!

The 24-hours that the auction lasted was the funnest I had had in a while! I had a few "LOL" moments as I watched all the friendly competition unfold! :D It was quite difficult to step away from the action and attend to homework! My husband sent me a few glares and tried to pry me away from the computer but I just had to watch it all! :D

Anyway, the auction came and went and I was able to raise just over $1100!!! Wahoooooooo! I'm quite excited to give the guys at the fire hall a call and tell them!

Along with all the items I was auctioning off, I also put together 30 lootbags which I sold. For those of you that purchased the lootbags, here is a sample of the mini project that was included as well as the template for making the envelope.

Also, here are a few example layouts I did up using some of the papers that you may have found in your lootbags. Sorry, I only had enough time to put a picture on one of the layouts. :(

To make these layouts, I used sketches from the Page Maps website. This is a fantastic place to find inspiration for your layouts! To go to the Page Maps website click HERE. Once you are on the home page, you can click at the top on "pagemaps" and you will be taken to a page with every month and year. Click on a month and you will then be taken to a page that shows a page map and an example that goes with it. It is the handiest thing ever!

You can also click on the "pdf archives" found on the right side of the screen on the home page. This takes you to the same menu type deal where you can select a month. Once you select a month it will take you to a page that is filled with page maps. You can then print that pdf which is also super handy for taking to crops and such! This is what I used to do my layouts.

Thank you once again to all you lovely ladies that supported this event! It would not have been such a huge success without you!!

Enjoy this fabulous weather!
~ Cayla ~


  1. What the heck, you're moving! I'm out of the loop :0 Lorraine

    1. Lol! Yes Lorraine, I'm moving. My husband got a job in Calgary and so as soon as I'm done school we are gone. :( They are being really nice and letting him work from home until I'm done at the end of June. Then Dean will leave and go to Calgary and I will stay and pack up the house. We are hoping to move officially in the middle of July.


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