Tuesday 17 April 2012


Well it's a gloomy, cloudy Tuesday and the snow is trying to come again, so it seems to me like the perfect day to do some scrappin!!
I was thinking back the other day and remembering some sweet childhood memories. I remember growing up and spending countless hours running around with a pinwheel on a stick or blowing on it until I was dizzy, just to see it spin! And it puts a smile on my face to watch my children enjoying the same simple pleasure!
I've recently learned a very easy technique to creating fabulous little pinwheels which are such a great way to add that fun and whimsy feel to your projects!
Below is a card I created for my nephew's birthday this summer and the technique I used to create the cute little pinwheels! 
First I cut two squares of pattern paper. I find that using patterns that are very contrasting on both sides works the best. So here I have paper that is a dark brown solid on one side and then the stripes on the other. Also the size of your squares doesn't matter as long as they are square! (My squares are 3x3 and 2x2 inches)

Next I folded the squares diagonally. 
This helps me know where to cut and where the center is.

 Cut along the diagonal line starting at a corner and cutting about half way to the center. DO NOT cut to close the center or you might find that your pinwheels will be to flimsy! Continue until you have four cuts.

Now bring one corner from each section to the center and glue down. I find that adhering the two corners across from each other is helpful to making them all line up but it is whatever is easiest for you! You will probably eventually be covering the center with an embellishment of some sort, so if you are a little crooked it won't matter.

Just remember to adhere only one corner form each section or your pinwheel will look a little funny! this might take some trial-and-error to figure which corner to stick down.

Once you have the four corners stuck down you can then go ahead and embellish the centers! I chose to punch out little scalloped circles and place a brad through the center.

Enjoy the rest of your day!!


  1. What a cute idea. Thanks for sharing this technique.

    Stephanie B

  2. You are soooo smart!! Thanks for the tips Cayla...I am pinwheel challenged but may now overcome that...because of YOU dear Cayla| Lana B


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