Thursday 7 February 2013

Proud Aunty...

Good morning! Just a quick post this morning, as I am busily getting last minute details together for my sister's baby shower this Saturday!

I am so excited to go visit and meet my new little niece, Lily this weekend. This little bundle of cuteness was born in the early morning on January 27th and I have yet to go see her as my sister lives a few hours away from me :( But just one more day and I will be on my way! Yahooooo!

I have to say that I gave my sister a hard time during her pregnancy, telling her this has to be a girl!!! She drove me nuts when she said her and her husband were not going to find out the sex at the ultrasound! You see, we have not had a baby girl born into the family in almost 12 years (which was my middle child, Abby) and I was dieing to buy some cute girl things! My four nephews and my son have been the last kids to be born and quite frankly, I am sick of buying boy things! I wanted a niece so badly, to spoil and buy cute little outfits and shoes for! So when my sister phoned to say it had been a girl, I was ecstatic!

So this weekend I am hosting a baby shower for Carmen and baby Lily and I wanted to share a couple of sneak peaks of what I have been working on! I can't show you all, for my sister has no idea of what I have been upto (other then I am planning a shower! :D)

First, let me introduce the guest of honor (cause really, the baby is really what is important :D)...

 (Photo taken by  Crystal Jackson Kowal)

(Photo taken by  Crystal Jackson Kowal)
Isn't she just precious!!

Now for the sneak peeks! I promise to post the full pics next weekend after the shower! :D

I know, I'm a tease! :D But I will show it all soon!
Thanks for stopping in!


  1. Oh Cayla!! I am so happy for you! Huge congratulations on becoming a proud auntie to a little girl! I have a feeling she will be spoiled plenty! I can't wait to see the pictures from the shower, and I hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. Thanks Ivana! She is going to be spoiled! I keep buying the cutest things for her and I am just one of the Aunties!! :D


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