Thursday 2 August 2012


There is nothing more frustrating then creating a document that's three pages long, that also includes pictures, just to hit the wrong button and erase it all!!! That would be me though! Completely computer challenged!

So I have given up on getting what I was supposed to having completed along time ago and decided to get a post done instead!

I have had a few people lately ask me what the best marker/pen is for doing journaling or what I use when I make the fine borders around pages or other elements. Although there are some really great markers out there designed specifically for the papercrafter, I absolutely love Sharpies!! They come in a ton of awesome colors and they last a really long time! I have a black ultra fine-tip sharpie that I have been using for almost a year and it still hasn't shown any signs of quitting on me! And I can write on almost any type surface and the ones I have purchased are acid free (check packaging to be sure)!!! So the next time you need a journaling pen, check out the Sharpie!

Now I want to share a layout with you that I completed with a mini line by Echo Park called Sunshine. I have to say that lately, all the lines that Echo Park has put out have been awesome! And well worth checking out!

One of the 12x12 pattern papers from this line was just a sheet full of different types of borders and journaling cards which I cut up and used for embellishments. (Palm tree, surf boards, banner border at the top, fish, etc.)

I wish I could say that the down pointing arrows on the page were created in a quick and easy way... but unfortunately I can't. So I have given you step by step instruction on how I created them. If there is an easier way, I would love to hear about it!!!

1. First I lined my ruler up along the left edge of a 12" long strip of pattern paper (but you can easily customize your arrows to any paper size) and drew a line along the right side of the ruler. 

2. Next I lined my ruler up along the right side of the line I had just drawn and traced another line along the right side of the ruler. (For simplicity I just used the width of my ruler as a measuring guide, but you could mark out different measurement to get different widths and sizes for your arrows.)

3. I then turned my ruler and drew some horizontal lines, again using my ruler width for a measuring guide.

4. Next you want to draw some diagonal lines going from corner to center in both columns. (It is hard to see my diagonal lines on the right because they are going in the same direction as the stripes on the pattern paper.)

 5. You then want to trim along the furthest vertical line to get rid of the extra paper you won't be needing.

6. Then cut along each diagonal line to create your arrow pieces.

And here is a card I created using my arrow points! And if you look closely, you will notice that my fave Sharpie pen has made an appearance!!!

This is a fun way to add direction or movement to a project and I hope you will give it a try!!!


  1. Love those arrows!! Bought some of that Echo Park on the weekend :) Cannot wait to use it!!

    1. Thanks Amy!! Have fun with the paper! You'll have to bring your project in when you've finished it!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the arrows Cayla! Now, do you you have a quick and easy octagon????

  3. I wish!! I will let you know if I ever discover one!!! :D


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