Wednesday 5 December 2012

Christmas Advent...

Every year for the past 4 years now, I have been doing this advent calendar. I bought it as a kit from Kaiser Craft and decorated it with white paint and a really old line from BoBunny (so old that I can't even remember the name of it!) I loved that in the end it was not at all the traditional Christmas colors and it looked all blingy and shiney!

The first year I did it, I filled the drawers with little things (chocolates, little toys and so on) that I had found at the local Dollarama... my kids hated it! They were bored of it within the first couple days! 

So the next year I did something a little different. I decided to make it like a puzzle that they had to solve. I bought a family movie night package for one of the local theatres and printed a picture of it. I then cut it up into 24 pieces and hid a piece in each drawer. So everyday my kids would have breakfast and then they could open a drawer and get a new piece to the puzzle! I had to be very strategic about this cause I didn't want them figuring out the puzzle in the first week! My kids loved this! They were excited about it every morning and couldn't wait to get another piece! I did the same thing last year only it was for a Family Fun Day at Fuddruckers/Ruckers.

This year I have changed it up again and made it into a word scramble. I cut letters from a diecut machine to make a 24 letter sentence. I colored the letters of each word all the same color so that it would make it easier for my kids to know which letters belonged together to form a word. If at the end they still can't figure it out I have a couple hints to give them! Then I placed a letter in each drawer which they will then get to open one drawer every morning! (I was a little behind this year and they just started it this morning! But since they got to open five drawers all at once so it was all good! Lol!)

But here is my advent calendar...

 I did have this sitting at the store for a bit so some of you may have seen it! My lovely co-worker Jennifer also has one done up at the store and they are both so different but just as equally lovely!

The store also has a few of the Kaiser Craft kits left for any who may be interested! :D

My tip for you if you are going to do one of these Kaiser advent calendars is paint/stain/glimmer mist the wood & chipboard when it is all flat and not put together. I didn't and it took a bit to get into all the little cracks and stuff. I think it would have been easier to do it before it was put together.

It's hard to tell but I used clear photo corners on the photo mat so that every year I can change the picture! Another thing that is not noticeable in the pics is how I did the little drawers. I actually never painted or did anything to the actual drawer except on the fronts of them, where I covered them with paper and added the numbers, rhinestones and ink of the edges. So the sides of the little drawers are just the plain raw color but you would never know because they really don't get seen!

The snowflakes were made using the Cricut (Sorry, I don't remember what the cartridge is called... I had borrowed it from a friend!) I cut several different sizes and layered them together after using Glimmer Mist on the top snowflakes.

So stop in at the store and check out Jennifer's advent calendar. It's beautiful in the more traditional Christmas colors of red and green!

Thanks for stoppin by!

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