Wednesday 18 July 2012


For this week I am completely kid free!! Wahooo!! 
With my daughters in Calgary with their dad and my son spending a week with Grandma, I have so much freedom that I am not sure quite what to do with it! 
Hahaha,  that's so not true! My list is endless with stuff I could be getting done without the constant craziness of a house full of kids! But who the heck wants to do housework and chores when I could be doing things like wasting my morning dying my hair, shaving my legs and scrapbooking!! Which is exactly what I did, without a single interruption!!!! Oh I could so get used to this!

So this is a layout I finished this morning using the new Simple Stories "AWESO[ME]" line!
I will absolutely admit to being a scrap-lifter!! I could not scrapbook without the help of magazines, Google, Pinterest and all of my super talented scrappy friends! Don't get me wrong, I have my moments of creative genius without the help of my inspirations! But for the most part it is nice to have resources to look upon and help get the creative mojo going! The majority of the time my projects don't even turn out to look anything like the original and sometimes they do!

 So with this post I decided to just fess up and show you how I get it done!
I started with my photo and finding the best paper to go with the photo. I then grabbed some magazines and started flipping through until I found something that I liked!

For instants, this is the layout that I chose for a picture of my super cutie nephew! This layout can be found on page 76 of Scrapbook Etc's very last issue (BOOOOO!!!! I will miss you Scrapbook Etc!!!). 
What caught my eye the most about this layout is the super plain background with all the color kind of centered in the middle and of course the cute banners! (I love banners!)

And now here is my version of the layout!! 
This is one of those times where my layout pretty much looks like the original and I am ok with that! I would never try to pass off anything that I had copied as my own either (I will do a better job at trying to give credit where credit is due in my next posts)! People work hard to be creative and original and they deserve the credit! If it wasn't for them, I would take forever to scrapbook a single layout! Lol!

Now in the original, buttons, twine and other embellishments were added, but this is why I love Simple Stories papers! Everything you need to scrapbook a page can be found on all their papers! I think this is why they never go overboard on creating all the extras that most companies put out with their paper lines. Don't get me wrong, sometimes you just need that different texture of buttons and stickers and other embellishments. But Everything on this particular layout was created by cutting out bits and pieces from the pattern papers.

The only thing that I added that was not paper was the brown border I traced around some of the edges and the inking I did on most of the edges. I used pop-dots to add dimension as well!

Now I'm off to do more of nothing and enjoy the silence of my house!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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