Thursday, 31 May 2012

More Family!!

I'm so excited to announce that I'm going to be an Aunty again!!! I think what excites me the most is that it's not me having the baby! Lol! (Sorry Carmen! :D)
So with a new niece or nephew on the way (I'm secretly hoping it's a girl! We haven't had a baby girl in the family in 11 years!!!), I got motivated to scrap some pictures of two of my youngest nephews! 

For anyone who hasn't seen the newest PRIMA lines, then you absolutely have to go check them out!! They are stunning!! 
Click HERE for the link to the PRIMA site or stop by the STORE to see them in person!

The line I used for the following layouts is the "EN FRANCAIS" collection. It was so cute with it's vintage rocking horse and the colors were perfect for the pictures!

I used a white paint dabber called Snow Cap (I like the RANGER dabbers best!) to give the photos an etched look. I love using this technique to give an aged look to my projects. All I do is drag the dabber along whatever edges I wanted etched and then let dry, which really doesn't take long depending on how thick you put the paint on. I find the best way is to start out with a light hand, then if it's not enough paint you can go over it again with a little heavier hand. You may want to practice with some scraps first to get a feel for how it works!
Another thing you may need to do once in a while if you are noticing the dabber not transfer paint,  is prime your dabber. You can do this by squeezing the bottle and dabbing it onto a scrap piece of paper. This helps to get the paint flowing into the sponge top.

The title was created using the "WALL DECOR AND MORE" Cricut cartridge. This cartridge is great!! It has so many fantastic shapes and sayings, plus it has the alphabet and numbers in several different fonts!! 
I then distressed the edges with the white paint dabber, outlined it with a blue fine-tipped marker and then pop-dotted it to the page.

 If you don't know this about me already, it is that I LOVE to cut out different paper bits and use the pieces as embellishments, such as the tickets I used on the layout below.

Because the paper is designed so well, you really don't need to add much to it which is a great way to save time and get more done!!

Again, another layout using cut-out paper elements. Look at those cutey little boys! We make some cute lookin kids in our family! LOL

I also partially cut out some of the different elements of the background piece (such as the rocking horse) to tuck the photo and other embellishments behind.

I look forward to having another cutey in the family to scrapbook!! And Carmen, try to make it a little more feminine this time!! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Good day everyone!! 
It's a rainy day outside so that means.... Scrapbook time for ME!!!! Wahoo!

Well I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend! I got to spend the weekend with my family (which was much needed!) in Edmonton doing a little (or maybe a lot!! Hehehe!) of shopping! My daughters loved it and my son and husband were very patient with us girls! And it was a great time!

Now back to reality!! As I mentioned in my previous post, I would show some of what I accomplished at the crop I went to.

This first layout is of my daughter's dad and new step-mom on their wedding day last summer. Is it weird that I am scrapbooking this event? Maybe... but it was an important moment for my girls and really, I'm a scrapbook addict so I will scrapbook anything! LOL!

No seriously, my girls dad and I have a working relationship. In fact, I like to think that we are friends. I know that this is not a common thing among separated parents, but I believe that my children's happiness is by far the most important thing to me than maintaining anger and resentment towards someone that is going to be a part of the rest of my life, whether I like it or not. He is a great father and I can not fault him or our kids for our relationship not working. He married a fantastic women and I am now married to a fantastic man and we all love our kids to the fullest extent possible. And that is what matters the most!! And besides my kids are spoiled rotten by all the grandparents and extended family they have!! LOL!

Okay, back to the layout! :D 
The paper I used for this layout is from an older Pink Paislee collection called Butterfly Garden. I loved this line and it was so super easy to work with. I cut up a lot of the patterns to smaller pieces to layer onto the layout.

Now because the layers all are basically the same colors, they didn't stand out very well. So by using a blending tool and Walnut Stain Distress Ink, I was able to add some contrast to the pieces and make them stand out a little better.

The title was originally a bright orange alpha sticker set but by first sanding the glossy finish off the letters and then adding Aged Mahogany Distress Stain to them, I was able to get the color I wanted. 

I also used a Martha Stewart border punch to the edge of one of the layers and inked the edges.

This next layout is of another wedding layout using, again, an older line from Prima called Botanical. With the colors being so similar to the last layout, it was easy to create a coordinating page.

I love to fussy cut! I find it very relaxing and you can create the perfect matching embellishments to adorn your pages. 

To create the tickets below, all I did was cut a 5 1/2" x 1 3/4" piece of pattern paper. I then folded the piece in half to get a fold line and while it was still folded I punched a half circle with a regular hole punch.(You can punch the hole when it is unfolded too if you have a hole punch that will reach far enough in.) I then unfolded the piece and punched a half circle on both ends, in the middle of the long edges by the fold line and punched quarter circles at the four end corners. To finish the piece I inked the edges and the fold in the middle. Also, if you have a perforating tool, you can run it along both ends and along the middle fold line to get a more realistic look. 
(Gosh, I hope that all made sense!! LOL! Give me a shout if I've confused you!!)

This last layout I'm going to show you today is of one of the several sets of grandparents my daughters have. I loved using the greys and pinks in this layout!

This layout was created using a mish-mash of scraps and a misc. piece for the background.
 (Sorry, I had cut the company info off this paper a while ago when I was going to use if for something else and then didn't end up using it and I have forgotten which company it was!! I think it is either Pink Paislee, Teresa Collins or maybe Echo Park.)

I love tracing shaped journal or title pieces that I had bought from different companies. I like to buy these pieces and use them only as templates. That way you can use the great shapes and get the perfect match for a project.

 To create the embellishment in the top right corner, I used a stick pin from Little Yellow Bicycle. I placed a bead on it then stuck it through the knot of a bow I had made. I then pushed the pin through the 3D foam adhesive I had used on the back of the "Love" piece and added two more beads to the end. I used some liquid glue to secure the last bead in place.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting!

Sunday, 13 May 2012


This weekend has, so far, been the best weekend in a long time! I told my husband that all I wanted for Mother's Day is to be able to scrapbook all day Friday and Saturday and then be able to plant my garden and go for a walk down by the river with him on Sunday! 
And that is what I got! (Well I haven't planted my garden or gone for the walk yet, but the day is young! :D)
Friday I scrapped the day away and got to visit with my lovely friend, Ivana! It was so nice to have gotten a chance to sit and chat with her! It had been a while! I then went home and paid a little attention to my family and made the supper. But as soon as supper was over, I headed out the door again to go scrap the night away with my sister! We hadn't done that in a while either, so it was nice to sit and chat with her too!
Then on Saturday I attended the BEST CROP EVER!!! My amazing friend Lisa puts on an incredible crop every year in Osler as a fundraiser! And every year it is an AMAZING time!!! I just find this crop to be just sooo relaxing and fun!
(I will post some pics of what I accomplished soon!)

As promised to the folks that attended the crop, the tutorial for the make 'n take I provided for the crop is here on my blog! At the top of the page there should be a title that you can click on that say "Tin Leaf Paperbag Tutorial". If anyone has any questions on it, send me a message and I will be happy to answer!

I'll be back soon!

Thursday, 10 May 2012


I love surprises!
Good Surprises that is! I love the look on peoples faces, the excitement of waiting to see how they will react (even if you feel like your going to pee your pants! LOL) and just the feeling of doing something for someone because they so deserved it!

So the last three or four weeks has been pretty crazy! And I have been working on a lot of different projects and feeling like I have not had a chance to just sit and relax and just breath! But it all has been worth the craziness! 
One of the projects I have been working on and can know share with you, is planning a surprise "Saying Goodbye/Bridal Shower" for my oh so lovely and sweet co-worker, Ivana!  
I have known Ivana for a few years now but it has been only in the last year or so that we have really gotten to know each other and become great friends! When she gave her notice letting us know that she would be leaving us at the store, we were greatly saddened and Lori and I knew we would have to do something to let her know how much we were going to miss her and also to let her know that she would always have a place with us wonderful and crazy scrappy people!
With Ivana planning her wedding we knew that this party could not just be about saying goodbye to her but to also wish her all the best for her future!

So, being kind of a control freak, I took over the planning and organizing and last night when Ivana walked into the store to see all us crazy, scrappy ladies there for her, it was all worth the extra "To Do" lists!
 I want to thank Lori for letting me take over and plan! I want to thank Mark (the husband to be) for getting Ivana to the store without her realizing what was happening! I want to thank Lynn, Paulette, Bev and Lori for helping me supply food and drinks! I want to thank Theresa for helping with the decor and planning games! (I still feel bad we didn't use the flowers! :D) I want to thank EVERYONE for coming and helping me show Ivana how much we love her (Sorry for the mix up on the layout size!)
But most of all I want to thank Ivana for being such a great sport and putting up with the bubble gum!! LOL
Below are a few pics of the evening! Sorry Ivana,  the bubble gum one was destined to be shared!! LOL!! Also at the end is the yummy cheese dip recipe!

Ivana a little overwelmed by it all! Surprise!!! LOL

What a lovely Croatian Princess! Ivana and Mark are planning a beautiful destination wedding in Ivana's home land of Croatia!

The "husband-to-be" having a chat (or maybe getting lectured?? LOL!) with lovely Lana! 

Our youngest scrapbook groupy!!!

Paulette, your cookies were super yummy!!! I had one for breakfast this morn! (Don't tell my kids! LOL!)

I made these pretty center pieces using white acrylic paint on pasta and pickle jars! I then just wrapped them with a length of thick hemp cord, attached a large, blingy bead with some embroidery floss and adhered white lace to the top! They were super easy and fast to make. I put candles on the inside but you could also use other things such as flowers.

 The most delicious cupcakes in the world are made by a lady here in Saskatoon, Sasha Libby! Thanks Jen for getting these ordered for me! They were gorgeous and oh sooooooo yummy!

I had emailed Mark some "Mark & Ivana" trivia questions. I think I put him under a bit of pressure because I sent them to him in the early afternoon the day of the party, while he was at work!  (Ivana's favorite scrapbook company is Creative Memories?!?!?!? Really Mark?!!?! LOL) I then asked the same questions that evening to Ivana and she had to try to tell me how Mark had answered them. For every question that she got wrong, she had to plop a piece of bubblegum into her mouth! Hmmmm... I think you need a few more pieces there Ivana!!! LOL!

Some of us had all chipped in to give Ivana a gift card and this was the card I had created! I am hoping Ivana will let me take some better pics of it and I will then post them.

Some of you had wanted the recipe for the cheese dip I had brought last night so here that is! I got the recipe card while sampling at Costco! Enjoy!

~Last Minute Miracle Dip~
1. Combine in a pie plate or oven-proof serving dish, 1 pkg (250g) softened Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 1 1/2 cups shredded chedder cheese,  and 1/3 cup Miracle Whip. Add in desired amount of extras such as bacon bit, green onion, artichoke, roasted peppers or anything else you might like to add.

2. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes, stirring once during baking, Garnish with toasted nuts if desired. 
3.Serve warm with fave crackers, chips and/or veggies. My fave thing to use is the Whole Grain Tostitos or Wheat Thin crackers.

Thanks again everyone for coming out last night!!! And thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

Thursday, 3 May 2012


As promised, here are a few of the mini projects and make 'n takes I did at Camp Croppin last weekend! 

I am sorry if there is not a lot of explaining with each project! I am burning the candle at both ends lately and am feeling a bit under pressure to get some of my to do list checked off! But I did want to do up a quick post like I said I would!!

These first two are make 'n takes from Bella Blvd (left) and Basic Grey (right).

The little gift card holder was really cute. it folds up and has a little paper belt to hold it all closed up. It also has two little pockets on the inside for tucking in a gift card or a little note!

The little Basic Grey flower was used using a package of pre-cut flowers from the Konnichiwa line and using two magnets on the back so that you can then clamp it to something!

This next little mini project was with one of my favorite companies, Canvas Corp!! I can't wait until I can finally get some time to finish up a kit from a class I took and post pictures! The project was gorgeous and Christine (founder of Canvas Corp) and Michelle were so sweet!! And there products are so versatile and fabulous!!

The flower was made using 5 scalloped circles!! 
You take four of the circles and fold them in half and then fold the two sides into the center. Then glue the four pieces to the left over circle! As soon as I have some time I will try to do up a tutorial! They are super easy and make a great embellishment! 

I love how we took four mini envelopes to create this project. So now I can make little notes and tuck them into each pocket!!

The last couple of things I want to post before I run out of time are two make 'n takes from Canvas Corp (right) and another of my fave companies Graphic 45 (left)!

The canvas flower was made using a Canvas Corp pre-made canvas flower that they sell and some of their great kraft pattern paper. 
I found out over the weekend that Canvas Corp products are made using as much recycled materials as possible (which I love!) and that the soy-based ink they used on some of the pattern papers created a great resist effect when inked or sprayed with color mediums, which was a complete but awesome coincidence!

I didn't really like how my flower turned out but I got a little carried away with spraying to many different colors of glimmer on it! The samples they had sitting at the make 'n take table were gorgeous!! Check out the project page on their website for some great examples of what to do with them! 

The card was made using the Kraft Reflections line by Graphic 45. A gorgeous line that is sooo versatile!!
Using the little hinges gave the card so much character!! I love using metal! 

And do you know what the absolute best way to adhere metal embellishments is??  
Glossy Accents by Ranger!  I have heard a few people say it works great but I was just never quite convinced to try it until this past weekend and it works so great!! It takes a little longer to set and dry but works just as great as krazy Glue!! Once it's dry, it's never coming off!! And holds EVERYTHING, from paper to metal!! But give it a try and see what you think! You might be surprised!

Okay, so this post turned out longer then I thought it would but I just had so much to share!! Be sure to check back next week as I continue to post more Camp Croppin projects and tutorials!!

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